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Emotions are not really positive or negative, they can either appeal to us or not, but they are always a signal that something relevant is happening.

The idea of "managing" or "controlling" emotions is a common misconception about emotional intelligence.

Emotions are a natural and integral part of being human. They can be likened to the sauce that gives flavor to our experiences, and they are closely linked to our overall well-being. Attempting to suppress or ignore our emotions can have negative consequences, including increased stress, health problems, and a sense of being stuck.

Instead, emotional acumen is about developing the skills to listen to our emotions and the messages they are sending us.

This may involve identifying and expressing our emotions appropriately, understanding how they impact ourselves and others, and using them to guide our decision-making and behavior in positive ways.

By doing so, we can achieve greater overall well-being, more quality relationships, and fulfilment in various areas of our life.

Understanding the messages that emotions convey is the key to unlocking a new level of personal FREEDOM. Emotions are a form of internal communication that provide us with valuable information about our needs, desires, values, and experiences. By learning to recognize and interpret our emotions, we can gain insight into our authentic thoughts, behaviors, and relationships with others.

For example, if we feel ANXIOUS or FEARFUL in a particular situation, it may be a signal that we need to pay attention to potential threats in our environment. However, sometimes anxiety can also be a way we try to control ourselves when we fear we are not up to the requirements of the world or our social life. Can you relate?

If we feel ANGRY or FRUSTRATED with someone, it may be a sign that our boundaries have been violated or our needs are not being met.

And if we feel HAPPY and FULFILLED in a certain activity, it may indicate that it aligns with our values and passions.

By understanding the messages that our emotions convey, we can begin living in a way that aligns with our goals and values. This can help us achieve greater success and satisfaction in various areas of life, such as work, relationships, and expression of our creativity.

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